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All cursillo applicants must have a Cursillo sponsor.  A sponsor is simply someone who has already attended a Cursillo weekend and is willing to assist you personally with any questions you may have and with the logistics of taking you to and from the Cursillo weekend.  If you know someone who has already attended a Cursillo weekend, you are welcome to approach that person to be your sponsor.  If not, simply email Valley Cursillo at: valleycursillo@valleycursillo.org, and we can help you find a sponsor. 

Once you have a sponsor, download the application below to attend a Cursillo Weekend:  

For Mac computers:  Scroll cursor down to the little disk drive icon at the bottom of this page. Use control + click to download it into your documents file. Once downloaded, you can print it.

For Personal Computers (PC's) using Windows:  Scroll cursor down to the little disk drive icon.

Then right click and select "Open link in new tab"

The new tab (labeled http://valleycursillo.com/downloads/Cursillo%20app%20revision%2011-2012.pdf) opens the Cursillo Application pdf.

Now, to print the Cursillo Application pdf, you can either:

1. Right click anywhere on the page and then select Save As to save it to your computer. Once saved, you can print it.  < or >

2. Hover the cursor in the lower right hand corner of the screen and the standard pdf toolbar will pop up with icons for printing and saving.

Steps of the Application Process:

First, fill out the application!  Be sure to include your correct email address (please print clearly).

Second, give your application to your sponsor, along with the $90 weekend fee (make checks payable to "Valley Cursillo"). Your sponsor will then fill out the "sponsor" section of the application and pass it on to your pastor for his comments and signature.  Your pastor will then mail it to the Valley Cursillo Center Directors.  

Please begin the application process so that Valley Cursillo receives your application no later than 2 weeks prior to the weekend. 

Pastors should mail the application to: 
Valley Cursillo Center Directors
Attn: The Norville's
340 Elk Lane
Massanutten, VA  22840 

Attn:  Completed Cursillo Application

If you have any questions, feel free to email us!   valleycursillo@gmail.com 

Downloadable Cursillo Application

Download Cursillo App Revision 01_25_2017.pdf