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Role of the Sponsor


As Cursillistas, we are encouraged and inspired to “make a friend, be a friend and bring a friend to Christ.” By our openness to meeting new people in our parishes and our other environments, we can develop friendships that include the sharing of our faith lives and experiences that have had an impact on us. Through this sharing, we can discern if it is a good time to invite our friend to live a Cursillo weekend. This should not be a frantic last minute effort, but instead, a natural progression between friends sharing their hopes and their experiences regarding their spiritual lives.

1.  A Cursillo candidate must be a registered Catholic parishioner and someone you feel is eager and ready to deepen his/her spiritual life.  Remember that the person should not be experiencing any type of acute personal crisis when they attend their weekend.

2.  No less than two months before the weekend, discuss with the potential candidate the expectations beyond the Cursillo weekend, including participation in a 4th day reunion group and active participation in Cursillo Ultreyas.  Consideration of candidates should not be a last minute, frantic thing.

3.  Refer him/her to the Cursillo website to read application instructions and download an application.

4.  After candidate has filled in his/her part of the application, fill in the Sponsor's portion and send the application to the candidate’s pastor so that he can complete it no less than 4 weeks before the weekend. When sending it to the pastor, include a stamped addressed envelope to:  Valley Cursillo Center Directors, Attn: The Norville's, 340 Elk Lane, Massanutten, VA  22840.  We must have an accurate idea of the number of candidates and their names two weeks before the weekend. 

5.  Provide transportation for candidate to the Cursillo Weekend.

6.  Pray for everyone involved with the weekend.

7.  You are welcome and encouraged to sign up to help with one of the meals on the weekend (either with your 4th day reunion group or other Cursillo friends).

8.  Take your candidate home if he/she needs a ride.

9.  Follow-up with your candidate in the week following the weekend to be sure he/she becomes part of a 4th day reunion group.

10.  Make sure your candidate is planning to attend the Ultreya following the weekend.  You are encouraged to attend with him/her if possible.

11.  Follow-up with your candidate in the early months after the weekend to see how his/her 4th day is going.